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How To Publish An Ebook On A Budget

Kindle $3.99/£2.56 Pback $13.48/£9.17

Kindle $3.99/£2.56 Pback $13.48/£9.17

Amazon Kindle USA $3.99

Paperback: Amazon UK £9.99 ; Amazon USA $14.99; France E11,50 buy here; Germany E11,99 buy here Italy E11,76 buy here  Spain buy here E8,76.

“Undeniably useful for anyone embarking on the great adventure that is e-publishing. It certainly was for me!” LOUISE VOSS Bestselling Kindle No. 1/Top 100 Author, 100,000 ebooks sold

“The Bible of Ebook Publishing” MCwriter US Amazon 5*

“Excellent and comprehensive. This is the best book I’ve read on ebook publishing to date” joerr2002 US Amazon 5*

Do you want to turn your words and pictures into a professionally-presented ebook that’s good enough to sell with little or no capital outlay? THIS ISN’T A HOW TO WRITE BOOK! You’ve done that. Now you want a non-geek hand to hold as you go through all the processes. Written in a straightforward, chatty, easy-to-understand style by a BBC TV researcher, journalist and author of print published fiction and non-fiction.Includes copy editing & proof reading; libel; the importance of copyright clearance; how to make a document for loading to Amazon Kindle; how to make a document for loading to Smashwords so that your ebook is converted after one simple upload and sold on Apple iBooks worldwide, Barnes & Noble, The App Store and more; how to make a cover; marketing tips plus much more. ALL FOR FREE!

With integrated links throughout to help you on your way and for further study.

“I think I’ve done it and I’m absolutely staggered at how easy it was when I followed your steps..” Amazon reviewer ALAN GRAINGER (83)


Part One: Finalising the Words

1. Copy Editing: Why the End is Only the Beginning

2. Copyright and Copyleft

3. Libel

4. Titles, ISBNs, Legal Notices and Disclaimers Part Two Turning Your Words Into an Ebook

Part Two: Turning Your Words into a Ebook

5. Why There’s No Need to Get Bogged Down and Confused by all the Different Ebook Formats

6. How to Make Your Ebook Using Free Adobe PDF Software

7. How to Make Your Ebook for Amazon Kindle and Other Ereaders like iPad, Sony Reader etc

8. Fonts, Indents and Page Breaks

9. Why You Don’t Need Page Numbering

10. A Beginner’s Guide to Hyperlinking

11. How to Hyperlink Chapter Headings

12. Check Your Links

Part Three: Working With Photographs and Images

13. Using Photographs Online and Inserting Them into Your PDF Document

14. How to Make a Professional-looking Ebook Cover on your Home Computer Using No Extra Downloads

15. Making A DIY Cover – How To Find Good, Cheap Artwork And Free Royalty-Free Photographs

16. How to Make a Thumbnail Snapshot (The Little Picture Advertising the Cover of Your Book on Sales Pages like Amazon)

17. Different Photo Sizing for Covers, Documents and Publicity

Part Four: Publishing Your Ebook

18. Final Touches Part Four Publishing Your ebook

19. Publishing to Adobe PDF

20. Final Proof Read

21. How to Set Up Security on Your Adobe PDF Document

22. Publishing on Amazon Kindle

23. Publishing on the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader and More

24. How to Sell Your Adobe PDF Ebook From Your Own Website For Less Than £20 or $40 A Year, Including Domain Name

25. Some Turning Pro Tips for the Professional Author – The Mistakes to Avoid If You’re Offered a Print Book Deal

26. How to Grow Your Sales

27. How to Grow Your Sales Through The Roof

Appendix for Alan (83) – The Complete Beginner’s Step by Step ABC of Word Doc to Kindle Ebook


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