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Susie Kelly #1 US Amazon Kenya

Susie Kelly’s moving memoir I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry… goes to No 1 on Amazon US’s Travel, Kenya Kindle Chart.

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With uncompromising honesty and hints of her usual humour, the author describes emigrating, from post-war London in every shade of grey to the technicolour splendour of Kenya, as part of a dysfunctional family. From profound lows to sublime highs, the one constant is her pony, Cinderella. You may shed a tear at her losses, and you will almost certainly be shocked and appalled by what she does for the love of Cinderella.

“There are a handful of authors who achieve that elusive trick of making you laugh out loud. For me it’s James Herriot, Bill Bryson and Susie Kelly.” French Entrée Magazine, June 2013

Some of the 35+ Amazon 4/5* Comments:

“I read it in one session. There is humour and there is humanity.”

“At one point I was almost ready to shout at the book: No, no don’t do it! The whole story is a great tug on the heart strings. I couldn’t put the book down and have every intention of reading it again.”

“Readers will shed a tear at her losses and laugh at her predicaments. This book gives a moving and often shocking insight in the the earlier life of the bestselling French travel writer.”

“Even a ‘roughty toughty’ bloke like me couldn’t help but be swept up by the emotional rollercoaster towards the end.” 

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