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How To Publish An Ebook On A Budget – Updates Dec 2012

Thank you for your interest in How To Publish An Ebook On A Budget – An Author’s Guide by Stephanie Zia.

Everything moves FAST in the world of ebooks, and this blog is a reference point so that those who have already purchased the guide can keep up to date with the latest developments. There have been a few major ones recently and the book and paperback are being updated accordingly:

  • Amazon KDP now accepts Epub files. Smashwords to follow shortly. Epub is fast becoming the one-format-for-all. However, if you load an ePub to Amazon, check that the Table of Contents shows as clickable. At the moment, standard Calibre ePub conversions do not translate with a Table of Contents (TOC). Continue to use our simple Word/HTML method, or MobiĀ  (see below).
  • Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire model mean there are changes to photo content on Kindle: now colour, and now high res. Load the highest res image you have, including 300dpi. Remember to downsize the images to 4.90cm width so that they don’t take up the whole Kindle screen.
  • Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire model has a ‘view white text on black screen’ option. This means that HTML and Word files loaded direct to Kindle, the favoured, most simple, method advised, now has technical issues. To make your kindle ebook bombproof against customer complaints regarding this issue, the simplest thing is to transfer the HTML file to CALIBRE (FREE) and then, with one click, change it into a MOBI file, and (after checking) load that as your Master document. All instructions are in the book. Alternatively, you can correct your HTML document: Instructions from KDP are as follows: “The default color selection of text shouldn’t be changed or shouldn’t select black instead. You can make the following correction to your HTML code to fix the forced black font in your content.
    1. Open your HTML file in Notepad.
    2. Hit Ctrl+H to open Find and Replace window.
    3. In the “Find what:” field type in <span style=’color:black’> 4. Leave the “Replace with:” field blank and click Replace All.”
  • Epub Table of Contents sometimes don’t show all the chapters in the list when you transfer. There is a simple correcting tool for this in SIGIL, free to download.
  • Barnes & Noble have announced that UK residents, not only those in the USA, can now load their books direct to NOOK with their PubIt system. Royalties to authors vary between 40% and 65%. Details HERE.



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